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Welcome to the Wiki of the Fornax-Platform

In this Wiki you will find all informations about the Fornax-Platform and their projects. This Wiki is the primarily documentation platform. Additionally to this Wiki you can use our Tracker to informs you about issues and tasks for the hosted projects.
If you want to inform you about the Fornax-Platform you can read the overview paper. If you want to participate with an own project or contributor you can read the overview paper or contact us directly.
Additionally to the wiki there is a forum where you can post messages. This forum is hosted at For further informations read the Forum

 Now enjoy your visit at the Wiki of the Fornax-Platform!

Sculptor 2.0.0 Released

This release contains:

  • RESTful Services
  • Mixin composition with traits
  • Spring Remoting
  • Upgrade to Xtext 1.0 and Eclipse Helios
  • Upgrade to Maven 3
  • Upgrade to Spring 3.0
  • Upgrade of versions for Google App Engine, Apache Camel, Spring Integration, Spring Web Flow, Drools, MongoDB, JBoss, Ehcache, Joda
  • Change of logging API to SLF4J
  • Removal of deprecated features
  • Support DataTransferObject in CRUD GUI
  • Persistent DomainEvent
  • And a long list of other bug fixes and improvements...

Look at the What's New page for more information about the release. It also describes some migration steps needed when upgrading.

Version 3.2.0 of the Fornax Workflow Plugin is a major step. With this version workflows can be executed in a forked JVM, which allows better control over memory consumption of the process. Further it is now possible to control the JVM's security settings by configuration. Note that MWE2 workflows will always execute in forked mode, since they don't work in non-forked mode.
The Plugin sources have been refactored quite a bit. The Plugin now uses Ant's JavaTask internally to create the appropriate calls of the Workflow Engines.

We wish you a Happy New Year!

The Fornax Workflow plugin has been released. Version 3.1.0 adds support for the new MWE2 engine. Read this blog post how to use the plugin for building Xtext based projects and execute the code generation with it.

Spring cartridge 1.10 bugfix release

This is a parallel release to Hibernate 1.10. Contains some minor bug fixes and updates compatible to HB 1.10.
An all-in-one starter package is available at

The minimalistic model (one service, one entity) was created with MD 16.5, so you will need this version to modify the model.

Otherwise use only the Ant task to generate and after that the project can be easily imported into eclipse.

Have fun!

Sculptor 1.9.0 Released

This release contains:

Sculptor Home Page

New Home page launched:

The Fornax Maven plugin for execting oAW/MWE workflows has been released in version 3.0.3.

This is a bugfix release. The new checkFileSets feature introduced with version 3.0.2 was buggy, leading to wrong detection of the up-to-date status. Besided that improved log messages.

The upcoming 3.1.0 version is supposed to support MWE2, the new workflow engine which will be introduced with Eclipse Helios in June 2010.

We are proud to present the 2.0.1 release of the Fornax XML Code Formatter.

The formatter is now compatible with Eclipse M2T:Xpand.




Other Environments

Download Sources from: Sourceforge

The Fornax Maven plugin for oAW / MWE has been released in version 3.0.2 today. This version adds a new configuration parameter "checkFilesets", which allows a more flexible configuration of the up-to-date check. The checkFilesets parameter allows filesets with wildcards, includes and excludes section. This makes it easier to include the generator sources or dependent platform classes into an up-to-date.

Sculptor 1.8.0 Released

This release has the same functionality as previous 1.7.0, but internally it has been migrated to latest openArchitectureWare, which is now part of Eclipse. The usability of the DSL editor is much better.

Read more here.

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