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Projects are released using the Maven Release Plugin. With the help of this plugin all necessary changes to the POMs can be automated. In order to deploy the site report to Sourceforge it is required to create a Sourceforge shell first.

Releasing is done in the following steps. Assume that your plugin has a version 1.1.5 to release and the next version you want to work on is 1.2.0. Since this version will be under development you will create a snapshot version.

  1. Create a Sourceforge shell
    ssh -t <sfaccount>, create
  2. Prepare the release - Dry Run
    mvn -DdryRun=true -Dtag=1.1.5 -DdevelopmentVersion=1.2.0-SNAPSHOT release:prepare
    Check the
  3. Revert the changes
    mvn release:clean
  4. Prepare the release
    mvn -Dtag=1.1.5 -DdevelopmentVersion=1.2.0-SNAPSHOT -Dusername=<YourSFAccountUser> -Dpassword=<YourSFAccountPassword> release:prepare
  5. Perform the release
    mvn release:perform -Dsfuser=<sourceforgeaccount>

If you are really sure what you are doing you can leave out the first two steps.

It is important that your <scm> settings in the pom.xml is correct.

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